Beacon Consulting Group, Inc. - Oct. 2018 - Beacon Site Artist Mike Paquet


Beacon's Mike Paquet: Construction
Consultant by Day, Artist by Night

Mike Paquet has traveled all around the U.S. working on construction consulting assignments for Beacon. Mike's decades of experience as a general contractor, site superintendent, and construction consultant make him a valued member of Beacon's team. His deep knowledge of all types of construction projects and extensive hands-on experience managing GCs and subcontractors help him to excel in his role of overseeing the on-site turn-around, monitoring and closeout of various construction projects for Beacon's Surety clients.

About 10 years ago, Mike took up painting during his spare time. Mike says he enjoys the quietness of painting and it also helps him to relax and pass the time while living away from home on assignment for weeks or months at a time. A self-taught artist, Mike enjoys painting landscapes that include structures surrounded by natural beauty. He also likes painting boats and city scenes.

According to Mike, he normally does not need to look far to find a great scene to paint. A number of the paintings he has done are based on views he can see directly from the job site where he is working or a short distance away. Sometimes the job site itself becomes the subject of his paintings. Mike takes photos of the scene he wants to paint, then works on the painting in his hotel or at his home during his free time. However, he sometimes sets up his easel outside to work while directly viewing the scene he is painting. His favorite times of day to paint are early morning and early evening.

Mike, we appreciate your great work on the job site(s) and your fantastic work on the canvas. We look forward to seeing what you create next!

            A peaceful river scene in New England (not far from an active job site).

             A landscape in the Western U.S. (Utah) not far from the job site..

The Hudson River waterfront at the United States Military Academy (West Point, NY).

Fire Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse is located within Fire Island National Seashore, just to the east of Robert Moses State Park (Babylon, NY), where Mike was working on a construction consulting assignment for Beacon in 2017 & 2018.

Midtown Manhattan. A view of the Empire State Building, two blocks from Beacon's NYC office.







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