Construction Defects Assessment at Hospital Expansion Project

Location: Boston, MA
Project Type: Institutional
Services: Construction Claims Review, Construction Defects Assessment
Construction Defects Assessment at Hospital Expansion Project Photo

Construction defects assessment / construction consulting services related to a hospital construction project in Boston.

The construction project in this case consisted of demolishing existing structures and constructing a new 565,000-SF building. During construction, there were two separate instances in which water and slurry infiltrated into an existing hospital building adjacent to the site.

Beacon's Role:

Beacon was retained to review the claims, construction documents, and expert reports and identify which repair items constituted resultant damages. Beacon's report separated the resultant damage repair costs from other construction costs, such as betterments and preventative work. The analysis showed that the potential liability for resultant damages was far less than the value of the roughly $4M claim.