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Beacon Consulting Group Continues To Assist NYC Economic Development Corp. With Construction Consulting Services

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes economic growth across all of New York City's five boroughs. The organization is New York City's official economic development corporation, charged with using the City's assets to drive growth, create jobs, and improve quality of life.

Since mid-2016, Beacon Consulting Group has taken a lead role in providing construction project auditing services related to more than 110 change orders on NYCEDC-funded construction projects having a total value in excess of $32.6 million. As of early March, the recovery / savings value associated with Beacon's services was estimated to be in excess of $325K (and growing). These savings are related to the reduced / avoided costs which result from construction project audit change order corrections and modifications.

In addition to change order audits, Beacon's NYCEDC team lead, John Steele, has been providing related consulting services, such as: Participating in project meetings with EDC's Capital & Asset Management Project Management Staff, assisting with review and enhancement of EDC change order policies and procedure guidelines, and assisting with a project management training material. Beacon's team will also be participating in on-site project progress audits in the near future.

More About The EDC: NYCEDC is responsible for developing, managing, maintaining and leasing over 20 million square feet of New York City properties. The organization is also actively involved in helping to rejuvinate NYC's many miles of waterfront. In addition to economic development through the reactivation of waterfront-based businesses and maritime infrastructure, the organization focuses on improving public access to waterfront areas and the promotion of green spaces and parks along NYC's harbor and rivers. Related to improving waterfront areas, NYCEDC manages the inspection and rehabilitation of approximately 75 miles of structures supporting waterfront esplanades throughout the five boroughs.

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