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Beacon 2021 Corporate Meeting Highlights

Beacon's annual meeting was back in person this year, taking place at Boston's Omni Parker Hotel on December 10th. As in past years, our annual meeting combined professional development with interesting activities. This year's agenda included a review of progress we made and lessons learned over the past year, a discussion of plans and goals for the year ahead, technical and business presentations by staff members, and two panel discussions featuring invited guests and industry experts.

This year's meeting featured two separate panel discussions. The first panel focused on "Surety Bonds Versus Their Siblings: Alternative Construction Products for Risk Mitigation." Special thanks to all the invited guests who participated on the panel. Our second panel discussion had the theme "Financing the Principal - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" and focused on case histories of surety construction projects where the surety company finances a construction project being completed by the principal. The panel members discussed examples of how (and why) financing the principal can go very well ("The Good") and (occasionally) very wrong ("The Bad" and "The Ugly"). A big thank you to all the panel members and Todd Braggins, Esq (Ernstrom & Dreste, LLP) who did an outstanding job as the moderator.

As always, Beacon's annual meeting included some interesting activities, in addition to the presentations and panel discussions. A highlight of this year's meeting was a very unique (and funny) "Politically Incorrect Food Tour," a walking tour of Boston's North End neighborhood with some delicious stops at Italian food landmarks, before reaching our dinner destination for the evening, L'Osteria Restaurant. Our tour guide Anthony (AKA "Flash") did a great job of explaining the colorful history of the neighborhood, as well as highlighting some of the best places to eat.

Special thanks go out to Beacon's Michelle Punch who took the lead in planning and organizing this year's meeting. Great job Michelle! Below are some fun photos from this year's meeting.