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Beacon Helps Leading Surety With Construction Consulting Assignment at Rodeo Facility in Western Tennessee

Normally, Beacon can say “This ain’t our first rodeo” when taking on a construction consulting assignment. However, this is the first time Beacon is consulting on a construction project at a rodeo stadium. The project involves providing construction consulting / surety consulting services related to a project underway at a large rodeo stadium / agricultural center located in the Memphis, TN area.

The facility is a multi-building Rodeo / Exhibition Center / Agricultural research facility. When a contractor defaulted on a $3.15-million renovation project at the facility, Beacon's team was called in by the Surety to help monitor the completion of the project. Although we can't divulge any detailed information about the project at this time, Beacon has worked with the Surety on a number of other projects, helping to ensure that construction work gets completed in an efficient manner and that projects remain on track.

The construction project at the facility consisted of the interior renovation and expansion of an existing Rodeo Arena (including a new area of approximately 11,000 square feet) and other renovation work. The main arena at the facility is a 31,250-sf structure with permanent seating for 4,500. It is a multi-purpose facility which hosts many different types of events, including:

  • Rodeos
  • Motocross Races
  • Livestock & agrculture shows
  • Business Exhibitions
  • Festivals and Gala Events
  • Circuses & Other Entertainment