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Beacon President's Message April 2020

Our thoughts go out to the many people impacted by the current pandemic, especially the medical personnel on the front lines helping those who have become sick. Like many of our clients and partners, Beacon's construction consulting team has transitioned to remote working as of Monday March 16th. With the exception of specific consultants (who must help monitor or manage active construction projects), Beacon's team members are working remotely from home. We have cut out all non-essential business travel. Any Beacon team members who must go on site are taking all recommended precautions to stay safe. We have also added a page on our website to post links to useful Coronavirus resources as they become available (including construction-related resources pertaining to Covid-19).

Please check out our April E-newsletter to learn more about what has been happening at Beacon, such as the launch of our new website, photos from events held during the 2020 ABA FSLC Winter Meeting, as well as news items about our staff, projects, and industry information. Last month marked another milestone for Beacon--the company turned 17 years old on March 3rd. During this challenging period, we are especially thankful for our clients and partners and all of the great friends we have made in the past 17+ years. We will be in touch frequently by phone and online. Please reach out to our team if you need help with any issue or project.

Stay safe.

Best Regards,

Dennis O'Neill, President
Beacon Consulting Group, Inc.