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Beacon Project Profile: Construction Defects Assessment at Residential Apartment Complex

Beacon Consulting Group has extensive experience undertaking construction defects assessments for insurance companies and sureties. One example of our experience in this area is a project we did for an insurance client which entailed claims review, construction defects assessment, and other construction consulting services related to structural issues found at a student housing / apartment complex located in Charlotte, NC.

The associated project consisted of the construction of five new buildings containing a total of 189 apartments. These apartments are used primarily for student housing. During a large party in one of the units, the ceiling began to sag. As a result, it was discovered there were deficiencies in the wooden structural trusses.

Beacon was retained to review the claims, construction documents, expert reports, and repair cost estimates. The end product of our work was a Construction Defects Report which categorized the $15M in repair costs into the following categories:

  • Get-to Work
  • Repair of Defects
  • Resultant Damage
  • Out of Scope

Beacon also performed an independent estimate of the construction costs. We identified that portions of the alleged repair costs were either excessively priced or outside the scope of the noted deficiencies.

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