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Beacon Project Update: Work Nears Completion at Dayton Manor, Residential Building (Brooklyn, NY) Owned by The Federal Bureau of Prisons

Beacon Consulting Group, Inc. has been providing Surety Consulting / Construction Consulting services related to various construction projects at Dayton Manor, a 116-unit apartment building located in Brooklyn, NY. Dayton Manor provides residential housing for federal employees (and their families) who work at two correctional facilities located in Brooklyn.

Beacon was retained by a leading Surety company following the default of the general contractor originally involved in the project. The construction work at the site has entailed renovation and repairs to the roof of Dayton Manor's underground parking garage, restoration of the site, and a variety of repairs to the interior of the garage (see project details below).

Over the course of the past year, Beacon has been instrumental in helping the Surety and the project owner to work through some of the complex issues on the project. This entailed frequent communications with the project owner (the Federal Bureau of Prisons), the completion contractor and various vendors. One challenging aspect of the project was working with a major roofing / waterproofing vendor to obtain a warranty for roofing work completed at the site. The challenge related primarily to the fact that adjoining roof sections were renovated by other contractors under separate contracts at different times. Significant progress has been made at Dayton Manor in recent months and (at the time of this writing), the completion contractor is on track to achieve substantial completion of the project within the next few weeks.

Beacon has supported the Surety on the project by providing the following services:

  • Performing an assessment of the cost to complete
  • Developing a re-let package
  • Assisting the Surety with selection of a completion contractor
  • Review payment bond claims
  • Helping to work through warranty issues with roofing / waterproofing vendor

The construction and repair work at the site has included:

  • Waterproofing/flashing the roof of an underground garage
  • Restoring all site-work and concrete sidewalks, curbs and balconies
  • Lead paint abatement & painting of the interior of the garage
  • Completion of install for some HVAC equipment in the garage
  • Completion of install for some electrical work in the garage
  • Completion of install for some fire alarm work in garage
  • Landscaping work

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