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Beacon Providing Construction Consulting & Project Management Services For Residential Building Owners In Boston's Back Bay

Boston's Back Bay neighborhood is famous for its rows of historic Victorian brownstone homes and some famous 19th & 18th century buildings, such as Boston Public Library's McKim building. Along with the adjoining Beacon Hill area, Back Bay is known as one of Boston's most expensive neighborhood's in terms of real estate prices.

Beacon Consulting Group, Inc. has been providing construction consulting / construction management services for a building renovation project in the Back Bay area. The project involves extensive restoration ongoing at a 6-story residential building, which includes 30 individual condominium units.

The building was severely damaged by a fire in 2014. The 7-alarm blaze was reportedly caused by a careless smoker. While there were no casualties or serious injuries, the extensive interior damage to the building meant that all residents needed to move out while the building was renovated.

Because of the age of the building and the damage sustained, all electrical and plumbing infrastructure within the building needed to be replaced. Thus, the interior of the building was essentially gutted to enable replacement of electrical and plumbing (and to bring the building up to the current code).

On this project, Beacon was retained as part of the Project Management team retained by the trustees elected to represent the condo owners. Beacon has been assisting in all of the following areas, from owner’s representative perspective:

  • Assisting in Construction Management
  • Supporting “Clerk of Works”
  • Reviewing work completed
  • Identifying / documenting work needing correction
  • Claims assistance / review

Below is an aerial view showing some of the nearby historic residential buildings found in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.

An Aerial View of Some of The Classic Buildings in Boston's Back Bay Neighborhood