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Contaminated / Hazardous Soil Disposal: Know the Implications & Costs

November 2014

Depending on site conditions, pollutants can enter the ground and cause the soil to become contaminated or hazardous. Common at-risk sites include truck maintenance facilities, landfills, garbage-transfer stations, and environmental treatment centers. It is critical during the project bidding process to be aware of soil conditions because contaminated and/or hazardous soil must be properly disposed of at authorized facilities. This can result in significant cost increases. Licensed facilities will charge disposal fees ranging from $40/ton to over $200/ton depending on which contaminants are present. In addition, the soil must be tested and approved before it can be brought to the disposal facility, which can add significant lead time to getting soil off-site. Beacon Consulting Group has experience in properly managing the testing and disposal of contaminated soil, helping our clients to avoid unexpected costs and also comply with environmental regulations.