Beacon News

President's Message / February 2022

Happy "Twosday" (2/22/22). This reminds me that Beacon is entering our 20th year in business in early March (Beacon was launched 03/03/03). Time truly flies, especially when you're busy doing something productive which you have a passion for. We are lucky to be working in an industry where we can see the tangible results of our efforts in terms of successfully completed construction projects. Our team has been keeping particularly busy over the past two years, with construction consulting assignments going on across the country and the launch of our new office in Florida. Thankfully, we seem to be seeing light at the end of the tunnel as far as the pandemic goes (knock on wood): In-person industry meetings are starting to happen again (see Beacon's Calendar of upcoming 2022 events); many states are easing up mask mandates (and other restrictions); and business travel / in-person project meetings are once again becoming the norm rather than the exception in many industries. Please check out our February E-Newsletter, which features industry news, project updates, and an article about one of the most important services Beacon provides to our clients ("Key Elements of a High-Quality Cost-to-Complete Analysis"). Hope to see your soon!

Sincerely, Dennis O'Neill
President, Beacon Consulting Group, Inc.